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Nicole Kidman rejected husband Keith Urban's pleas to perform with her at a recent awards show, according to one report. Shockingly, Kidman apparently was having some problems with her singing skills. Gossip Cop takes a look at the bold claim.

Nicole Kidman Refuses To Sing?

Keith Urban debuted a new song with Pink at the Academy of Country Music Awards. However, the latest issue of Star reports that Kidman was also supposed to perform with Urban. With the headline, "Nicole Turns Down Duet With Keith," the outlet reports that Urban's been left "singing the blues" after his wife's rejection. According to the magazine, Urban was hoping to surprise CMA viewers with a joint performance, but Kidman apparently didn't even want to consider it.

"Nicole has no confidence in her voice," an anonymous "industry insider" tells Star. "It scares her to death to think about singing in front of people who do it for a living." Weirdly enough, the article then refers to the fact that Kidman is supposedly happy to sing around the house, but Urban's pleas to remember her Moulin Rogue days still fell on deaf ears. "Keith would love to make beautiful music together," the same source concludes. "It frustrates him that he has an unwilling partner."

Nicole Kidman Is A Grown Woman

Here's what we just can't understand about this story: everything. In what world is Nicole Kidman some kind of shy schoolgirl afraid of the public stage? She's won Emmys, Golden Globes, Academy Awards, and countless other laurels for her ability to act and sing. She literally won a Golden Globe for Moulin Rouge in 2002. That's not something you can just dismiss with a line about how she doesn't "have confidence" now for some reason. Kidman very clearly hasn't shied away from singing, nor has she shockingly lost confidence in her renowned abilities.

Again, the tabloid tries to brush off reality with another bit about Kidman happily singing around the house but remaining mum for the public...but Kidman isn't just idly singing while dusting or whatever narrative the outlet's trying to sell here. On multiple occasions, the actress has posted videos of her singing to the public, which we're guessing is what the article is trying to lampshade with the fact that some of those clips do take place in her and Urban's home. Take, for example, this incredible video of her singing with Urban from last year that she posted for her millions of followers.

She basically even sang for Taylor Swift earlier this year! Kidman tagged the singer (and her husband) in yet another video of the actress singing one of the songs from Swift's new album. Again, that's not even including the millions of followers of the platform. There's just an absurd amount of evidence that this story is bogus. We can't find a single shred of proof that indicates Kidman's supposed embarrassment.

There's A Simpler Explanation That Doesn't Involve Keith Urban

Seriously, she's been singing in public for years. Instead of this bizarre argument that the award-winning actress was too shy to perform at a country music ceremony, it makes far more sense for her and her husband to have never even considered a joint performance since Kidman is an actor by trade, not a musician. She's a fantastic singer and performer, but she's not exactly the person people are tuning in to music award shows to watch. And for what it's worth, we don't think there's any truth to the idea that Urban is in any way disappointed or frustrated with his wife, either.

At best, this is just an incompetent bit of writing. After all, this is the same magazine that has, on separate occasions, incorrectly said that Kidman and Urban were having a miracle baby or just plain ol' pregnant last year. At worst, it's sexist, infantilizing, and insulting, and while it's an awful way to treat anyone, it's even more bizarre to write in such a derogatory tone for one of the most distinguished actors in the world. Fortunately, it's also just as obvious that Kidman's confidence and life are totally unrelated to whatever drivel this tabloid comes up with, but it's still worth shutting down this type of gossip regardless.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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