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Pregnancy rumors have followed Meghan Markle since she gave birth to baby Archie last year. One tabloid now reports that twin baby girls are on the way for the Duchess of Sussex. Gossip Cop examines the rumor.

Royal Babies Diana And Doria On The Way?

¡°Prince Harry got the greatest gift of his life last week,¡± according to Globe when the Duchess of Sussex told him she was pregnant with twin girls. She waited until after buying a new home and negotiating the Netflix deal for ¡°the perfect time,¡± which was while ¡°he was digging into his first slice of birthday cake.¡± Prince Harry was ¡°stunned, but ecstatic¡± that Archie will have sisters.

While baby news is usually a joyous affair, the royal in-laws were anything but pleased, apparently. A royal courtier told the outlet that Prince Charles and Prince Philip ¡°are concerned the girls will be raised as American citizens despite their dual nationality.¡± Prince William and Kate Middleton ¡°have not officially reacted to Meghan¡¯s pregnancy,¡± but Markle is hopeful ¡°it will bring the brothers back together.¡± In the same article, the royal courtier says that ¡°Kate is fuming¡± because ¡°she always wanted twins.¡±

As for the names, the Sussexes have supposedly decided to name the twins after their respective mothers: Diana and Doria. Markle is reportedly relieved to be pregnant, as ¡°they knew they might face an uphill battle.¡± Markle has ¡°always wanted a daughter,¡± and ¡°expanding their family became the Duke and Duchess of Sussex¡¯s priority after quitting their royal duties.¡± The twins, however, will not be enough to ¡°end the bitter family feud¡± according to Queen Elizabeth, and Middleton is more upset that Markle has ¡°stolen HER dream of having the first royal twins in almost 600 years.¡±

Wait, How Did Kate Middleton React Again?

Tabloids love to compare Markle unfairly to Middleton. This very tabloid once ran a story where Middleton was so fed up with Markle¡¯s spending that she was going to cut her off completely, despite Middleton having no power or ability to do that. The tabloid wants to continue this bogus rivalry, hence why Middleton is jealous and fuming, which begs the question of why the tabloid included the bit about her having no official reaction to the twin news.

Since there¡¯s been no formal announcement of any royal twins, none of these reactions could possibly be official ¡ª Not Middleton¡¯s, nor anyone else¡¯s. Gossip Cop also finds it hard to believe the news of twin nieces would immediately make Middleton and the rest of the royal family angry. We¡¯ve already debunked the Globe over a story about Prince William and Kate Middleton feeling upstaged by the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Anger over baby news would be a tremendously selfish action, and it's one we cannot believe happened.

Meghan Markle Is Not Pregnant

No matter how many times tabloids report news of royal babies, it will never make it so. You should not believe any royal baby news until it comes directly from the Sussexes. Gossip Cop has confronted stories of a Markle pregnancy so many times it¡¯s almost unbelievable.

This tabloid relentlessly targets Markle with bogus story after bogus story. It said she was gaining weight after her pregnancy, which was not true. She¡¯s supposed to have threatened to leave Prince Harry not once, but twice. She also supposedly spends over $54,000 on haircuts. Obviously, this tabloid has no real insight into Prince Harry or Meghan Markle, whether it be their finances, family, or future.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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