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Jennifer Aniston is not ¡°flirting¡± with Gerard Butler, despite what a recent article from a tabloid claims. Gossip Cop however can correct the phony narrative.

¡°Jen¡¯s Ex-Life Heats Up!¡± reads the headline in a recent article by the National Enquirer. The unreliable tabloid describes the Friends actress as ¡°love-hungry¡± before insinuating she¡¯s engaged in a ¡°flirt fest¡± with Gerard Butler, her co-star in 2010's The Bounty Hunter. However, the outlet contends the former costars ¡°flirty friendship¡± could spark trouble for Butler's latest ¡°squeeze¡± Morgan Brown if she finds out. We have to pause here for a second just point out how insulting the story starts. First, the article depicts Aniston as a ¡°love-starved¡± woman who is essentially trying to prey on Butler while he¡¯s in a relationship. Then the paper calls Butler¡¯s girlfriend his ¡°squeeze¡± as if he¡¯s some sort of player.

And as the magazine has done before, it bases its allegations on the words of an unnamed source. The supposed insider states, ¡°Jen¡¯s always really liked him. Lately, they¡¯ve been sharing late-night chats to pass the time during the long and lonely lockdown!¡± Again, if Butler has a girlfriend, why would he be speaking to Aniston to help ¡°pass the time?¡± Yet, so-called ¡°spies¡± maintain following Aniston¡¯s divorce from Justin Theroux, her love life has ¡°cooled down¡± which is now leading her to ¡°flip through her little black book.¡± ¡°It¡¯s been a huge boost to her ego that he still finds her witty and attractive,¡± the dubious insider declares, adding, ¡°she doesn't want to break-up their romance.¡±

The imaginary story ends with the sketchy tipster concluding, ¡°If Morgan finds out about this flirty new thing, it could be the final straw.¡± This story is completely inaccurate. While the Enquirer uses the words of an untraceable source to back up its bogus premise, Gossip Cop reached out to a spokesperson for Aniston who confirmed the story is fabricated. For some reason, the Enquirer loves to assume it has inside knowledge into Aniston¡¯s personal life. We¡¯ve proven before that it doesn¡¯t.

A few weeks ago, we busted the Enquirer for alleging Jennifer Aniston was spying on Justin Theroux. The outlet claimed Aniston wanted to know who her ex-husband has been ¡°dating¡± since their divorce and the two were involved in a ¡°cat and mouse¡± game. The story wasn¡¯t true Gossip Cop had learned. A spokesperson for the actress told us the story was fabricated and ridiculous.

Earlier this year, we debunked the paper for alleging Aniston was Brad Pitt were ¡°starting over.¡± This deceitful tale purported the former spouses ¡®rekindled¡± their romance after Pitt apologized to Aniston for leaving her for Angelina Jolie. A supposed source told the publication Pitt called himself a ¡°fool¡± for leaving Aniston. Gossip Cop once again pointed out that Pitt and Aniston are just friends and even though the tabloids try to insist their back together, it¡¯s not happening.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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